From The Front Lines, a Fight for Aging Boomers

An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about someone I first heard in a radio interview and then made Facebook “friends” with. In truth, he’s a friend and more than that to all of us.

About Thomas J. Hubschman

Thomas J. Hubschman is the author of Look at Me Now, My Bess, Song of the Mockingbird, Billy Boy, Father Walther’s Temptation, The Jew’s Wife & Other Stories and three science fiction novels. His work has appeared in New York Press, The Antigonish Review, Eclectica, The Blue Moon Review and many other publications. Two of his short stories were broadcast on the BBC World Service.

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  1. Over here we are having to face an onslaught of similar stories about the elderly and the ill. The paradox is that I think the abuses – which are horrifying wherever they happen – may be statistically fewer over here, but they are getting intense publicity because people consider it their health service, and hold the government responsible. It’s an issue that can win or lose an election.

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