Billy Goes Digital!

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“Heart-pounding…one of the most satisfying contemporary novels I’ve read.” – Reader’s Niche

Now available for Kindle and Nook at just .99!

“Heart-pounding…one of the most satisfying contemporary novels I’ve read.” – Reader’s Niche

“Billy, don’t you see what I’m tryna tell you? You were there. You were with them. You got in the car, you rode with them, and you stood with them while they wasted the yam. Then you got back in the car again and drove away. You were an accessory, Billy.”

The cop stood up and lit a cigarette.

“Alright, so I was with them. I already admitted that. What else can I tell you? Nothing.”

“Yes, you can, Billy. You know we’ve got the gun. And your prints are on it. Now, make up your mind. Are you gonna swing for that murder, or are you gonna give us the punk that actually pulled the trigger? It’s your decision.”

Petty thief, amphetamine junkie…Billy Conover is a social parasite keeping just one step ahead of the law…until the night he accepts an invitation to go for a joy ride and ends up being party to the brutal killing of a black youth. BILLY BOY is his odyssey through an underworld of small-time thugs, ex-Girl Scouts who turn tricks for a vial of crack and an overburdened legal system that eventually holds Billy responsible for a murder to which he refuses to believe he was anything more than a witness…until something more important than his own neck intervenes.

Read an extended excerpt.

“Hubschman has brought together all the ingredients for a riveting read: a sexy anti-hero, a persistent cop with a boyhood grudge, the gritty urban war zone of Brooklyn, NY, where the cultural melting pot is stuck on slow-boil, and a momentary lapse of his main character’s judgment that sets the headlong machinery of the story in motion…. Billy Boy is as real as it gets, a tough, disturbing, unsentimental account of life on the mean streets of New York City.” –WordWeaver

“Hubschman writes a very real and gripping story… Billy Boy stays with you.” –Small Press Review

“Heart-pounding…one of the most satisfying contemporary novels I’ve read.” –Reader’s Niche

“The faced paced action keeps you reading and I, for one, enjoyed the story to the end. I would highly recommend this book.” –Contemporary

“One of the most satisfying contemporary novels I’ve read.” –Casa Mysterioso

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