Big Brother, Big Daddy

The term “Orwellian” is common enough that it should be used without capitalization. His warnings about how language molds thinking, which in turn molds politics, is as true for our society as it was for the overtly totalitarian ones that existed in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. But I’m beginning to wonder if a different cultural reference isn’t just as relevant as Orwell, perhaps more so….

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Thomas J. Hubschman is the author of Look at Me Now, My Bess, Song of the Mockingbird, Billy Boy, Father Walther’s Temptation, The Jew’s Wife & Other Stories and three science fiction novels. His work has appeared in New York Press, The Antigonish Review, Eclectica, The Blue Moon Review and many other publications. Two of his short stories were broadcast on the BBC World Service.

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  1. Very thoughtful post. Will it always be with us – this desire for freedom that generates an equally strong fear? I want to choose, but I also want to be right, so everybody has to obey my rules.

    I’ve just finished watching a superb BBC documentary with Rageh Omaar on the history of the Ottoman empire. Extremely well done and fascinating. I can’t believe I was ever taught a version of history that never included this empire that lasted 600 years and stretched across three continents. Omaar’s thesis is that it lasted because it successfully managed the tensions between religious and secular law. And that we can now see those tensions breaking out again again in conflicts in those same lands. But I would say in our own country as well.

  2. Rageh is working for Al Jazeera these days (as well?). The Ottomans were just the Barbarians at the Gates in my schooling. So hard for us to recognize another kind of culture as being as good as never mind better than our own. My recent reading about Zionism indicates over and over again how tolerant Islam was throughout history to other religions, especially in that part of the world, and how intolerant Christianity was, and is. But all most of us know is Muslim terrorism. Thanks for pointing out the Ottoman history. I hope I can view that documentary online from the Land of the Free.

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