Some Beer and a Bedtime Story

Here’s the opening section of my soon-to-be published Beer, a multi-voiced narrative told in memoir form. The entire book is scheduled for publication this summer. If it tickles your fancy, email me at and I’ll let you know when it comes out.

“Bedtime Story” is something I wrote in response to my growing annoyance with PBS movies and the absurdity of this particular film, which is about as anti-woman a flick as you can imagine, short of their showing an outright bondage movie (and maybe not even then) .


About Thomas J. Hubschman

Thomas J. Hubschman is the author of Look at Me Now, My Bess, Song of the Mockingbird, Billy Boy, Father Walther’s Temptation, The Jew’s Wife & Other Stories and three science fiction novels. His work has appeared in New York Press, The Antigonish Review, Eclectica, The Blue Moon Review and many other publications. Two of his short stories were broadcast on the BBC World Service.

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